However, the Trachodon mummy did not possess the level of detail that your "find" possesses. Dinosaur fossils in and of themselves aren't as common as most people think.The human mind naturally looks for patterns, which is why rocks are often misidentified as fossils. I can see why you're convinced you've found something, because it does coincidentally slightly resemble a head, but there are too many giveaways for me to be convinced that this is anything more than a rock. I'm always willing to keep an open mind and be proven wrong, but I don't think I will in this case. In the mean time it is showing signs that it has not been preserved in the best manner.. The fact is that an entire team of paleontologists can spend an entire summer digging in a place that has had an abundance of fossils and not find a single thing.The strongest indicator of this is the fact that it still has "eyelids". It's rare for anything to be preserved as well as that is, and I still believe that it's nothing more than an interesting rock.

5; 456) மனுநீதிச் சோழன் பற்றிய குறிப்புக்கள் இடம் பெற்றுள்ளன.Still, it is a cool-looking rock, and it is possible to find even cooler-looking fossils. I was describing the detailed marks in the stone but it is hard petrified like a fossil. It's common behavior for the human mind to try and look for patterns. I am willing to pay to have it authenticicated but I can't find anyone to do it.that's not what the professors at ASU told looked at it inperson and told me they couldn't tell what it was Or how old it was without doing tests but in their opinion it is a fossil.thank you for your in put. I KNOW what I have and will not listen to all of these wannabes on this site.. You all will be wishing you could have shared in limelight with me...The Laws of Manu are being quoted as an evidence of Aryan, North Indian domination of Dravidas and Tamils. Here we shall see how the Tamil kings enforced and followed the Laws of Manu.As an aside, I have written on Manu being a Dravida king and Lord Rama belinged to Chola as Manu was a Chola king.

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