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Cary and Alicia team up on multiple occasions, and ultimately develop a mutual respect for each other.

Afterwards, the two share a kiss in his office, broken off by Cary.

Alicia, who correctly guesses that Cary is under the influence after speaking with him, keeps this fact to herself, even though exposing Cary would have ensured that she would win the competition between the two.

This act greatly impresses Cary, who tells Alicia, "It's in my nature to be competitive, but I don't want you to lose." Alicia does eventually win the competition, and Cary finds himself out of a job.

In season 4 "Running with the Devil" it is suggested that their relationship progressed beyond a platonic one.

As Cary and Alicia plan to leave Lockhart/Gardner, Kalinda walks a fine line being loyal both to her firm and her friend, but eventually betrayed Cary in "Hitting the Fan".

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