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The big win is that, given that I’m working with an ebook, I can make make my new anthology comprehensive. But, rethinking this, I soon decided to publish as two print volumes as well.I first assembled this collection in 2012, and what you see here is the 2017 edition.(1) The notion of fictional thought experiments was made popular by Albert Einstein, who fueled his science speculations with so-called Gedankenexperimenten.Thought experiments are a very powerful technique of philosophical investigation.If I want to imagine, for instance, what our world would be like if ordinary objects were conscious, then the best way to make progress is to fictionally simulate a person discovering this.The kinds of thought experiments I enjoy are different in intent and in execution from merely futurological investigations.I like it when my material takes on a life of its own. (3) In short, a gnarly process is complex and unpredictable without being random.

To my way of thinking, transrealism is a way to describe not only immediate reality, but also the higher reality in which life is embedded.But if absolutely anything can happen, a story becomes as unengaging as someone else’s dream.The gnarly zone is lies at the interface between logic and fantasy.I expect to write a few more stories in the coming years.As time runs on, I’ll continue making new editions of my Complete Stories.

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