Dating faithful men

Last summer as I boarded my girlfriend's SUV, she announced, "You have to listen to this song.

It will make you laugh." She popped in a country music CD and I giggled my way through Cooler Online, a song about a guy who works at Pizza Hut, drives a Hyundai, lives with his mom and dad and is 5'3".

Have you ever wondered if there are rules for catching "fish" online? And, I like to think they are similar to the rules for fishing with a worm and a pole.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you travel the ocean of online dating and start fishing for men—or women—online.

If there are things about your life that you know might make a new romantic relationship uncomfortable, bring those things up right away.

If you have a platonic friend that you’re incredibly close with and your partner could be take your relationship the wrong way, make it clear to them that there’s no romantic interest.

Even if you didn’t do anything questionable, your current partner might doubt that you’re being honest because you told other people without telling them.

If you would feel betrayed by your partner talking to someone the way you’re currently talking to someone else, it’s a good sign that what you’re doing something that crosses a line.If you work with an ex but never really talk to them, mention it anyway.Even if you aren’t dating one person exclusively, make it known from the beginning that you will be seeing other people so the other person can decide if they’re okay with that.It seems like everyone has experience with cheating or being cheated on—maybe you’ve had it happen to you, or maybe you’ve done it yourself. That’s a hard question to answer, maybe because there aren’t a lot of people out there who are cool with admitting to doing something so blatantly wrong.The statistics that do exist vary, but they confirm that cheating definitely is common, and, sorry guys, but men apparently In a 2016 You Gov study, one out of every five people surveyed admitted to engaging in intimate conduct without their partner’s knowledge at least once, with 25 percent of men and 13 percent of women owning up to it.

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