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The next morning I received a text that stated “morning, I apologize for the lack of communication but after a long day at work, the last thing I needed was your frustration”.I responded by saying I accepted his apology but reminded him that although my days were not as long as his, they were just as busy if not busier.For 2 days I did my usual and did not hear anything.I was a bit frustrated after a bad day at work and I sent him several text messages about how I felt concerning his lack of communication.We decided together and things have been going very well.Last weekend we spent together, he gave me a single red rose and it was wonderful, just getting to know each other on a different level.

SMS has evolved as a key platform for businesses to increase their reach to existing and new customers, with advances in technology and the increase in mobile device popularity bulk SMS marketing is going from strength to strength.Cheaper than post and proven to be more effective than email, bulk SMS is a tool that can support any business of any size and sector.Messenger can send over 8000 messages per second so no bulk SMS campaign is too large for us.Except, in this instance, text messaging wasn’t really the problem. Now, to be crystal clear, your guy was probably never going to be your future husband, so it’s not like you’ve lost someone too important.But what he represents is a lesson to learn forever. First is that while we love the idea of being 100% fully authentic and self-expressed, sometimes this behavior scares the crap out of the new person you’re dating. The bigger lesson I get from your story is one I was actually discussing with a client yesterday on the phone.

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