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However, ladies can be confusing individuals, so even though you know that message you’re sending has little-to-no chance of coming off as brash, you may want some more insight on what she’s thinking upon reading it. Based on their responses, I’ve compiled the the types of seemingly harmless message types guys send, and their decoded meanings, all in an effort to keep you on her mind and out of the creep zone. ​​While short and simple​, this ​quick intro ​tends to garner an ​eye​ ​roll​ followed by a​ deep sigh​, knowing darn well you didn’t put much effort into that initial probe. If she checks out your profile and digs it enough, she’ll write back; but she’ll likely still have her guard up wondering if you’re going to go above and beyond for her as a partner.Once you know this, you’ll determine for yourself which “Mr. While she appreciates the gesture, because she might be in the same boat, and your politeness is on point… ​ Unfortunately, guys who have preceded you on other online dating sites have set her up for weariness and you have to hold your horses (stallions, we’ll call ’em).This is the sure-tell indicator that you checked out her profile and took the time to think about a message to show that you have similar interest. She appreciates it and will likely be prompted to respond, due to this fact. It’s great that you have hobbies and friends, but know that it takes a certain kind of woman to find that appealing.On the flip side, while similar interests are typically positive, be cautious. For the type who appreciates this play-by-play, she pictures herself adventuring with you and getting excited at the thought of it.Wyldfire is the first dating app to position ladies as the gatekeepers of its Tribe of singles.In addition to being co-founder, Andy leads the product development for Wyldfire. For more information, follow Wyldfire on Instagram, like Wildfire on Facebook or tweet @wyldfireapp.Social psychologists Stephanie Spielmann and Geoff Mac Donald suggest singletons could use online dating websites and apps to their advantage, by comparing their physical characteristics and emotional approaches to relationships with the information other users provide.The researchers conducted two experiments in which men and women viewed a series of online dating profiles for members of the opposite sex.

In the first experiment, 88 female college students saw all four possible combinations of attractiveness and responsiveness, presented in random order.

When it comes to dating, the “nice guy paradox” is well known.

Women claim they want a nice guy who is sweet, kind, and sensitive, but end up rejecting him for a “bad boy” with an alpha male personality.

The women were more romantically interested in the emotionally responsive men when they had first looked at profiles of nonresponsive potential mates, compared to when they rated the profiles of emotionally responsive men first.

These men were also rated as more physically attractive when their profile was viewed second, after nonresponsive men.

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