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Once you create your free dating profile you can begin searching Christian personals and contact those of interest.

With over 15 million registered members, Christian Perfect Match registers 10,000-15000 new members a day.

An added benefit to joining these sites is that people that don’t fit the profile of a potential mate can turn out instead to be a great member of your bible study group or small group.

And unlike other dating sites where individuals join just to “hook up”, Christian dating sites attract people who understand that the person they meet are likely be aware of and abide by the Christian beliefs of abstinence before marriage.

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Know Thy Trial Period Some Christian dating sites allow a potential member to “test drive” their site before requiring that visitor to pay subscription fees.

Use this trial period to get familiar with the different functions.

What’s common among these sites are the ability to create and edit profiles, send messages and search or be matched with other potential mates via the respective technologies.

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There is nothing wrong with becoming a member of these sites as long as the member understands that there is an expectation from the service that members will conduct themselves according to Christian principles.

As in most dating sites, Christian dating sites are opportunities for members to find new people to meet, discover interests, organize dates and enjoy the company of a person of the opposite sex.

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