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I managed to book a meeting with Derek Rake in his San Diego office after my friend Calvin Pont (owner of this blog – you can contact him here) got in touch with him.

After hearing about my problem, he devised the following five-step strategy for me: Simply put, an Intrigue Ping is a short story which is designed to create intrigue in her so that I could capture her attention.

For the purpose of this article, I had gotten in touch with Jonathan, a 33-year old male from Seattle.

Jon had joined the Shogun Method community a few years ago.

There are arlier I had told you about meeting Derek Rake once. I had earlier found Derek via the recommendation of a friend (Fredo, who made the video reviewing the Shogun Method above). Apart from getting completely heartbroken, it was also tremendously humiliating.

At that time, I was having huge problems with my girlfriend Sarah who was dumping me for (of all people! Seeing my girlfriend posting intimate selfies with Alex in a bikini (they went on a beach holiday in Thailand) completely wrecked my heart to pieces.

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Keep this in mind before you buy Shogun Method, OK?

In his case, Jon was going through an unhappy, unrewarding marriage: “I was uncomfortable throughout the whole process, because I used to be a nice guy with high moral values.

The idea of manipulating my wife didn’t sit too well with me.

I mean, who knows who is being truthful online, especially when they get paid to write a product review? Note: this is not Cal Pont, in case you’re wondering.

My name is Sam, and I’ve been invited to write this review of the Shogun Method to provide an unbiased opinion of the program as a user and client.

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