Gsa60 dating

its brand new, got decent extras thrown in too for 150, lots of cheaper knock offs about, this might be, but its in a reputable shop.

Ibanez make some kick *** looking guitars, I've just gotten one of their basses, they have a reputation for making some excellent "metal " guitars but I've seen and heard some of their guitars playing all kinds of music.

for ASB, ART Series Guitars VIEW PRODUCT PAGE l P20 amp features a simple 4-band tone control to adjust the tonal character.

AUX/Headphones The included aux input allows you to play along with a connected MP3 or CD player.

Add a graceful compact Florentine cutaway and you've got a little guitar that'll go a long way towards practice, jamming or late night road warrior relaxation. Cabinet The combination of open-back cabinet design and the CELESTION® 12" Seventy 80x1 provides a straight, wide and massive sound that is surprisingly huge from such a compact speaker cabinet.

VIEW PRODUCT PAGE Suitable for Ibanez AM models Suitable for the Ibanez Artcore AFS series With small accessories compartment Lockable Hardware: gold Colour: Black Red interior Internal thomann dimensions: Length: 111 cm Upper width: 33 cm Lower width: 41 cm Depth: 11.5 cm VIEW PRODUCT PAGE GSRs offer the famous Soundgear sleekness, comfort, tone, and playability.

so i just moved to china, difficulty finding decent guitar shops but found an ibanez that looks just like this

Among its features are spring and normal footboard action, selectable wah range, and fine tuning controls.•controls: LEVEL, AUTO OFF DELAY, Q, LO, RANGE FINE TUNING, Foot SW, MODE Lever•i/o's: INPUT, OUTPU...VIEW PRODUCT PAGE The EWP Ibanez combines the compact size of a ukulele with the musical sophistication of a guitar.Steel strings and a 42mm nut width make a guitar player feel immediately at home.A guitar doesn't have to cost a bundle to sound good.The GIO series was developed for players who want Ibanez quality in a more affordable package.

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