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Columbanus is one of the earliest identifiable Hiberno-Latin writers.

Under Sinell's instruction, Columbanus composed a commentary on the Psalms.

Before Boniface responded, Columbanus moved outside the jurisdiction of the Frankish bishops.

Since the Easter issue appears to end around that time, Columbanus may have stopped celebrating Irish date of Easter after moving to Italy.

When Childebert II died, he left two sons, Theuderic II who inherited the Kingdom of Burgundy, and Theudebert II who inherited the Kingdom of Austrasia.

Since both were minors, Brunhilda, their grandmother, declared herself their guardian and controlled the governments of the two kingdoms.

As these communities expanded and drew more pilgrims, Columbanus sought greater solitude, spending periods of time in a hermitage and communicating with the monks through an intermediary.

Often he would withdraw to a cave seven miles away, with a single companion who acted as messenger between himself and his companions.

Upon the death of King Gontram of Burgundy, the succession passed to his nephew, Childebert II, the son of his brother Sigebert and Sigebert's wife Brunhilda of Austrasia.Columbanus erected a third monastery called Ad-fontanas at present-day Fontaine-lès-Luxeuil, named for its numerous springs.These monastic communities remained under Columbanus' authority, and their rules of life reflected the Irish tradition in which he had been formed.was an Irish missionary notable for founding a number of monasteries from around 590 in the Frankish and Lombard kingdoms, most notably Luxeuil Abbey in present-day France and Bobbio Abbey in present-day Italy.He is remembered as a key figure in the Hiberno-Scottish mission, or Irish missionary activity in early medieval Europe.

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