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Many cameras were later upgraded with a PL mount “hard front” which is non-rotating.

The viewfinder is mounted in the film compartment door, which is detachable.

Later model eyepieces designed for the 35BL-3 and 35BL-4 cameras can be fitted, as can replacement eyepieces from P S Technik and Kish Optics.

The same eyepiece was used on the ARRI 16BL and 16 SR I/II cameras.The interchangeable magazines, 200, 400 and 500ft magazines mount to the top of the camera.The 200 foot and 400 foot displacement magazines were designed for the camera.It incorporated a single claw acting on the perfs next to the 35mm soundtrack area.The claw was actuated by a cam that allowed the claw to dwell in the perf at the end of the stroke, just long enough to stabilize the film without the use of a registration pin.

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