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“Firstly the technologies were funded by some government grant; secondly every time you search for something on Google, you contribute to Google’s capital,” he said. This with artificial intelligence is going to be the end of capitalism.” Warning Karl Marx “will have his revenge”, the 56-year-old said for the first time since capitalism started, new technology “is going to destroy a lot more jobs than it creates”.

He added: “Capitalism is going to undermine capitalism, because they are producing all these technologies that will make corporations and the private means of production obsolete. I have no idea.” Describing the present economic situation as “unsustainable” and fearing the rise of “toxic nationalism”, Mr Varoufakis said governments needed to prepare for post-capitalism by introducing redistributive wealth policies.

Joanna 3572 wrote: @bleumune: It's new to me too; it's Poser or Daz, but it has a sort of painted quality to it.

Thomas, thanks for another glowing girl (sweaty woman). And lastly, I just had to share a nice rack scene of a weaty babe to make MY day and hopefully others, too.

I saved all my hard drive details, but, when I tried to re-install DAZ3D, it could never find all the various pieces needed to rebuild the scenes I worked on.

A universal basic income will have to be paid somehow.That was one of my first ever GIMP scenes (I'm a youngin') and I remember the feelings it made me feel back then. Bronx_Warrior wrote: "K9mmv: I guess only finger counting mainstream movies with naked boobs hanging upside down scenes.Mainstream movies (1) Gestapo's last orgy (2) Rise: Blood Vampire-Cameron Richardson and Lucy Lui" Thanks Bronx_Warrior!If you're into these kinks I can send you whatever props or poses you like, well, except for the Miki4, that one you have to buy just like everyone else. As for your offer, I do appreciate it, but I'm kind of out of the 3D art thing at the moment.Part of it is that I never seemed to make it up the learning curve after working with DAZ3D for most of a year, and the other thing is that I suffered a computer crash that required a complete reinstallation of Windows 7.

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