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There’s documentation available by Microsoft on how to enable Quality of Services (Qo S) in Lync which you can find here.I have a previous article series on enabling Qo S for Lync 2010 here.Because we want to lock down the peer to peer ports, we must run the following command: Once this command is run, we can go ahead and start locking down our ports.Now keep in mind, all these commands are provided to the clients via in-band provisioning.To specify the client media port ranges, Set-CSConferencing Configuration must be used.The port ranges for each modality must not conflict with another modality.

This ensures that audio/video packets get prioritized on a network that is enabled for Differentiated Services (Diff Serv).So we need to create policies for all three client executables as well as all the executables the server uses.To help map out what we need to configure, inputting information into the following table will help set the stage for assigning Qo S values for audio and video.Communicator 2007 r2 does have some interoperability support with Lync 2013 but only for IM/Presence.Therefore, the same legacy Qo S support for the R2 client is no longer required in Lync 2013.

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