Who is jennifer morrison dating

#Calliemercer A post shared by jenmorrisonlive (@jenmorrisonlive) on It won’t be all drama or on-screen work for Morrison, however.

The Chicago native recently wrapped her directorial debut with comedy “Sun Dogs” starring Allison Janney, Melissa Benoist, Michael Angarano and Ed O’Neil.

Stan reportedly started dating Agron in May 2011, but they broke up the following December.

He's also been linked to Dianna Agron and Jennifer Morrison in the past.

Stan and Levieva reportedly met while co-starring in the 2009 movie , but didn't start dating until 2014.

They were seen together in New York City various times in 2015, and Stan shared a few photos of Levieva on his Instagram account.

“My desire is to build a trusted team of actors, writers, directors, and artists who desire to work and create together in different capacities in order to flourish artistically in a variety of genres.”Morrison announced her departure from “Once Upon a Time” ahead of the Season 6 premiere last week on ABC.

Stan has been linked to his co-stars in the past, but it's not super obvious whether or not he's currently seeing anyone.The movie, a product of her production company Apartment 3C Productions, follows a misfit (Angarano) who attempts to protect his country after being denied entrance into the military.Morrison announced her production company in April 2016 and revealed she was excited about the prospect of doing behind-the-scenes work.“Apartment 3C productions was created with the vision of utilizing the experience I have harnessed from working alongside talented directors and visionaries for the last 20 years and crafting my own voice as a storyteller across all mediums,” Morrison said, according to Deadline.He also reportedly dated Morrison, his actor Margarita Levieva starting in 2014.It's not clear whether or not the two of them are still dating, but that could just be because they're keeping their relationship out of the public eye.

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