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Then a new Trina Braxton boyfriend 2015 James is revealed to news. Trina Braxton is back crying about Gabe Solis and his cheating history once again on Braxton Family Values. She complains to Towanda about having gained a bit of weight dealing with the stress of her impending divorce, which Gabe has promised to be as difficult as possible through.Trina claims that Gabe “says it is his life mission to try to make sure things are not easy for me.” Traci replies “Yeah but you are letting him win. And you are letting him run your life.” Trina fires back “I don’t understand what I am suppose to be doing. He’s trying to take everything from her – her reputation (saying she’s pregnant, meanwhile she had her tubes tied over a decade ago), home, money and business!Toni Braxton put some respek on Birdman's name by hanging with the Cash Money CEO -- and it's not for the first time ...which makes it more surprising they've kept this under wraps.It's good to hear she has the support of her loved ones. But while Tamar is beyond excited to work with the producers responsible for ' milestone 100th episode, Tamar tries to get her sisters on board with the musical endeavor…she just doesn't happen to know any of the details: including plot, cast, or even a time frame. Although, we bet Toni Braxton wouldn't mind getting back on stage!

Now we're hearing these fights aren't so rare — and, it sounds like Tamar's sisters have had about enough. In case you didn't know, the songstress has publicly been battling the disease since 2010 and has previously been hospitalized due to complications from it.

has revealed that Toni Braxton is engaged to rapper Birdman!

The singer made the announcement in a teaser for the WE tv series, flashing her appropriately large engagement ring in front of her gasping sisters.

This was where the first of Kris' Klues dropped about the yet-to-be-confirmed pregnancies: the momager Skyped with Kylie and offered to buy her "pink balls" as ornaments for her tree. Later during the shopping trip, Kris showcased a pink Christmas doll and explained to her two eldest daughters, "That's what I'm getting for Kylie" — to which Kourtney sassily countered: Everything isn't always as it seems.

As Tamar Braxton continues to defend her marriage to Vince Herbert, a source has come forward with shocking claims that the 39-year-old is living in a "personal hell" as yet another alleged altercation comes to light.

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